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David Zambrano


From August 24th to September 21st of 2014, in Ponderosa, Germany, people representing over 16 countries from four continents gathered to explore Flying low and Passing through six days a week for four weeks in a row. A deep transformation and genuine connections outcome of this month and yet everything felt so quick, short. We want more. We need more.

The second edition of EXIN David Zambrano extensive intensive workshop was held in Spain, in Lalita Devi installations in Sierra de Gata, close to Portugal border. Over sixty people from so many cultural backgrounds researched into Flying low and Passing through to share their dances and a common world. The workshop developed during five cycles of five days of work and a resting day between September 1st and September 30th of 2016.

In September 2018 we had the third edition of EXIN David Zambrano held in Corfu Island (Greece), with the support of the Corfu council and the collaboration of the studio GARAGE Performing Arts. The workshop was a success with almost 70 dancers of 33 different countries.

Brief biography of David Zambrano

David Zambrano has been making dance for over 20 years. In his pursuits as both a creator and educator, Zambrano has visited 40 countries, worked with more than 25,000 students, and has performed at hundreds of venues across the world. His pieces range from set choreography, structured improvisation, and pure improvisation. Born in Venezuela, Zambrano spent 15 years in New York, and now lives in Amsterdam continuing to perform and teach worldwide. His improvisation is committed to art as a cultural exchange developing the creative process in a world without borders. Zambrano sees improvisation as an art and choreography as a vehicle to further develop his work in improvisation.

EXIN with David Zambrano. Ponderosa (Germany, 2014)

EXIN with David  Zambrano. Lalita Devi (Spain, 2016)

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